OOH Campaign
The New York Times "The Truth Is" Campaign
Print, Digital, OOH Campaign
Banners and Social Posts
Animated GIFs
Anthem BlueCross
Interactive Infographic Microsite
TIAA Redesign
Interactive Design
CVS Pharmacy: Shopping Cart
Web Design
Droga5: Chobani for Jay Chiat Awards
Presentation Design
Asleep: Thugs, Thieves, and Gangsters of Green-Wood
Book Design & Photography
Interactive Design
Subway Strips
Video Editing
Mod Mania
Motion Design
Unwind at Prospect Park Promo
Motion Design
Sierra Logo Promo
Motion Design
Logos, Marks, & Brands
Book Design & Copywriting
Hi Carolyn: A Siri to Google Voice Experiment
Digital Concept Art
Watch and Learn
Book Design & Illustration
Deli Grossery
Photo Blog
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